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April 18, 2008


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Those who despise the definitive ideals of the Judeo-Christian culture which has led to the present Western Civilization which they live under will be most unhappily surprised when they come under the culture envisioned by the current leaders of Middle Eastern Islam. Relativism is a culture of chaos.

Unfortunately, the self-involved pampered darlings of the Left (what DO they really have to complain about, one wonders) may have listened to what the Excellent Benedict had to say but they neither heard nor applied the lesson to their own inward focused selves! Over the past several decades I have observed endless waves of unintended consequences resulting from arbitrary action by people unable to reason coherently. And dwelling upon that today is in direct contradiction to my own buoyant mood, given the lovely 3 days of the Pope's visit AND the weekend that is upon us! So I won't.

For once I'm just going to "let it go" and concentrate on homely chores and catly amusements - Sam is always so silly when celebrating the fact that I'm actually home all day!

Have a great weekend all. Sissy, Tuck, Baby, Tiny and goomp!

Champ vs Chump. Definitive vs relativist.

And I love your Papa-Blogging :) He's saying good and important things and irritating the right people.

Binah: Thank you so much. I totally agree. This pope is a force for good in this evil, evil world.

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