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April 16, 2008


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What a great ceremony on the White House lawn! The crowd spontaneously singing "Happy Birthday" to the Pope... President Bush tapping his toe to the drum and fife corps... the gorgeous singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Our Father. We get too little of this kind of pageantry.

I saw Archbishop Sean O'Malley in the crowd and local imam Talal Eid too.

Love the Pope's wave to the crowd, he puts his hands up and wiggles his fingers. The EWTN correspondent likened it to playing the piano in the air.

Amazing DAY !

And yet I see those who are dedicated to the Liberal Democrat Denial, trying to diminish the experience.

They cannot help themselves.

When you consider who they promote, like the unethical Clintons, vs. who they oppose, it is really quite telling.

Sissy - you don't think you might be developing a slight fixation with the Pope by any chance?

James: You could be right, although I prefer my sister's analysis:

May I suggest, your prolific output is Divinely Inspired, as was Handel's composing The Messiah in 68 minutes. :-)

i captured some portion on video of POPE BENEDICT's speech...

if you wish to see:


Sissy - it's difficult to describe the atmosphere in this town since 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Aside from a few non-Catholics who seemed to feel compelled to tell me how the Catholic Church ought to change its doctrine to suit them (I assured them that it was absolutely unlikely to happen in our lifetimes), traffic seems to be better despite the tourists and the road closures, and people are acting nicer too.

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