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April 12, 2008


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I hope Obama is burned toast and not a delicious cover to a peanut butter sandwich.

Congrats on the featured spot! It's much deserved; you've been cooking lately! :)

"It was a dumbfounding moment, showing a candidate who views about half of America as victims of their own bitter frustrations."

As you say Sissy - we had his number quite a while back. Anyone who is surprised by what Obama said, hasn't been listening to him. He's been preaching angst, bitterness, and anger all along.

The fact that he has now added "descriptors" that people find appalling, does not change his message one iota.

His preaching now is nearly identical to the preaching of Jimmy Carter back in the 70's when Jimmah was running for President. All about America being a "bad place", Americans being "bad people"... but, they can redeem themselves by voting for... Carter. Now Obama wants us to vote for him for the same reason.

Not one word of "how" he is better or "how" he will make things better, just the chance to feel good.

I think I'll pass.

As for Hillary - who would've thunk it. That she could even muster the words has my jaw on the floor. heh.

All power to your little cat feet.

I've read that Obama's campaign is stunned at the furor. They still don't get how his remarks sounded to most Americans. As far as they are concerned it's the truth, one they've probably heard countless times in private conversations, in academia, around Hyde Park and in the movies. That real people live real lives outside their bubble doesn't occur to them. Such people are seen as objects of bubble think, not subjects of their own lives.

That even Hillary can realize and exploit Obama's mistake shows just how politically amateurish it was.

Speaking of the worst President of the 20th Century - what say we call on the powers-that-be to invoke the doggone Logan Act and arrest his despicable derriere the minute he returns from meeting with the leadership of Hamas against the specific urgings of the State Department. This dreadful old monument to senility and anti-Semitism has just gotten on my last nerve!

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