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April 15, 2008


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Thank you for this fine post.

So pleased to see the fine POPE visit this fine Nation.

A great President greats a wonderful Leader.

Let us hope that the need for the practice of what are called the spiritual truths of the Judeo-Christian philosophies can become apparent to us all.

Fascinating, I never knew these facts about President Bush. He could do a lot worse than follow Catholic doctrine.

I totally agree with goomp's comment so will not reiterate it.

John F. Kennedy was the Nation's first Catholic President. Definitely not George W. Bush, as he was raised Episcopalian and now belongs to the United Methodist Church (which he joined when he married his Laura). During the Presidency of JFK, he experienced huge blowback as the conservative media accused JFK of being in the pocket of the current Pope. Claiming that George Bush is the First Catholic President is doing disservice to the memory and struggle of John F. Kennedy.

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