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April 11, 2008


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Moral leadership such is offered by Pope Benedict is the only salvation from the fools maiming philosophy of multi-culturism.

Another great find in Brendan Pursell and a wonderful post.

Most of us will never get more than a glimpse in the clearing.

I must confess to a certain disenchantment with the sainted John Paul II on and off over the years. I never doubted his good intentions but sometimes found his methods somewhat distressing. Granted I'm no theologian, but the results of some of his initiatives left me scratching my head. And his willful blindness vis-a-vis the abusive priests disturbed me greatly.

This Pope is somehow more pastoral in the very best sense of the word. I feel trust in the excellent Benedict. I have felt, from the very first, a warmth and affection for him. He's just so cozy and yet so interesting. It's a killer combination and works well for our beloved Papa Ratzi, lover of cats and Mozart!

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