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April 03, 2008


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Excellent! I hope every potential customer of any Pentax product reads your post.

Meanwhile, hopelessly out-of-date me is still fretting about her FIRST digital camera purchase and still buying nothing!

The picture of Tiny and Baby is wonderful! Thanks for sharing that.

Sam had a moment yesterday evening - he was asleep on my lap (this is a new favorite pasttime of his) and apparently was having a bad dream because he suddenly awakened and hissed at me! And insofar as a cat CAN look guilty, he did! Removed himself from my lap and went off for a nice drink of water and a few crunchy morsels. Thus refreshed, he returned to my lap, flipped onto his back (it's amazing to watch 28 pounds of cat actually perform that maneuver) and proceeded to present fluffy white tummy and gleefully waving front paws for my attention-which was dutifully given in lavish amounts.

He has me so well trained!

How wonderful. Having to replace a camera is an economic transaction, but having to replace a cherished and much used gift adds a different dimension. From the original post I was slightly saddened by the disposability or (Pentax's) built in obsolescence of it all.

But then again, maybe I am sentimental, and that explains why I have a box of never used clay garden cherubs (think garden gnomes, but terracotta) in the attic that I can't quite throw away....

Cheers. Looking forward to more great pictures.

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