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March 07, 2008


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Wow !

The mighty SISU knows everyone !

Now, I think this little dust up was a positive.

Slowly, those on the left are losing their fear, or denial, over the Clintons.

Sure, there are thousands of mindless Clintonites, but for a Liberal like Ms. Power to accurately perceive Hillary Rodham, seems like some progress.

Even more, this article was heralded in Europa, a far away Universe, which has been greatly manipulated by the old CNN International that promoted the Clintons with enormous facade.

A high profile Democrat Liberal, speaking in terms like this about Ms. HRC, getting global coverage?

Yes, it made me 'cackle' a little...

Sometimes the key to political satisfaction is to just wait out the bastards as they overplay their hand.

Narcissists never know when to take a bow and move along.

Samantha Power may be an example of a weakness of many professional people. They are intelligent people with far superior knowledge of their field of study than other intelligent people who have not studied that particular field. This can lead to thinking that one knows more about things in general than others who are intelligent and have far more experience in human competition. Hence mistaken ideas about how the world of human activity really works.

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