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March 28, 2008


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Is Pentax a synonym for stupid?

No, Polaroid is a synonym for stupidity, (no more Polarid Image Transfers because no more film - http://abovethegwb.blogspot.com/2008/03/i-am-really-going-to-miss-polaroid-film.html) Pentax is a synonym for inept! I have and love a Canon SD870 IS. Just don't get the ones that take AA batteries, you won't believe how heavy those are to carry. For me it is all about weight and availability. I shoot film too, but what I want from digital is instant availability and that means no weight to add to what I already lug around. Also, I shoot available light, and think flash is from hell, so it has to be fast. The one good piece of advice I got was sit down and think about what you want to shoot with it, then go look.

Google around for online reviews of cameras you are interested in purchasing. If you want I can ask my dear husband if he's got any links for you as he haunts the camera/photo sites.

Good luck. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you've bought something good and having it simply not work as advertised especially when it's expensive!

You do want to find - reliable and as uncomplicated as possible!!! That second is very important in the world of the new cameras. Which (like cell phones) can have so many menu options to learn - it's just too much trouble.

Glad to help out in the cause of creating pretty pictures. *grin*


Not just cameras; couple of years ago I bought a Pentax red-dot sight; in less than 100 rounds it wouldn't hold zero anymore.

Contacted Pentax 'customer service'multiple times, and nothing. Not "Send it in", not "Screw you", no response at all.

Which means I won't be buying ANYTHING Pentax int he future.

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