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March 30, 2008


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76-year-old Cheetas are amazing,
but the Chelsea Grays are not far behind.

She's plotting something... you can just see it. LOL. Very cute.

Not only is Tiny of surpassing beauty, but she has a working knowledge of engineering as well. What a remarkable feline she is!

Those photos are, as always, remarkable - Tiny's eyes sparkle with life.

As for my eye, that G&S reference caught it - I'll be seeing a performance of The Mikado in five days (only a week prior to being in MikadoLand for real).

You know your creative juices are drying up when you find yourself repeating your own sidebar blurbs. Gaaaah.

Elisson: Jeepers, creepers. As I always say, I don't care WHAT you say in my comments as long as you say SOMETHING in my comments. Keep 'em coming!

I'm wishing I could go see the Mikado... LOL.

Teresa, you're getting to go to Princeton and see the New Joisey Bloggers. So don't complain. I am envious.

Be sure to swing by the campus and check out Blair Hall, my old dormitory.

Such amazing photos...

Does SPRING change the KITTEN behavior?

Elisson - we will so miss you and Sissy this weekend! But never fear... the intrepid team of Teresa and Erica (Thelma and Joo-ese) will be wandering the campus of Princeton, looking for your former abode. (at least until the powers that be get nervous and throw us off campus - Heh)

I am so looking forward to seeing Princeton can't wait!

Cats are nothing if not helpful! I like your sparkle eyed kitty - and your retro looking wallpaper!

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