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March 08, 2008


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It is good to see Tiny recovering from her unpleasant encounter. I have high hopes that the Blogosphere is slowly teaching the MSM to calm their rhetoric.

Wow, even Nixon had a pet. There ought to be like a law or something. "You need to have members of more than 1 species like you."

I'm so glad to hear Tiny is nearly "scent free". It must be so hard for her and Baby with even more sensitive noses than we have!

As for Drudge... After his blasting of the news that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan. I don't care how many cats or dogs he has - his endangerment of the troops was completely uncalled for. Anyone who gives out troop movements (which is what his story was) can rot in hell for all I care - no matter how nice he is to animals.

Sorry, but having a vested interest in those with a bulls-eye on them... I have zero tolerance for those who want "a scoop".

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