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March 15, 2008


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To live in a civilized society and not as animals in the jungle humans need spiritual rules and faith rules to go by. These were developed as the wisdom of the ages of mankind, and the Judeo-Christian tradition where it is practiced and accompanied by the rights of man has produced what appears to be the best results.

High Mass with all the music, etc, surrounding Easter can be a long affair probably upward of 2 hours. It's beautiful, but can be tiring.

Here's hoping for comfortable pews and not too packed of a house. Shouldn't be too bad on Holy Thursday, certainly not up to the Easter Sunday influx of twice a year church goers. *grin*

The only faith that science subscribes to is that the universe is orderly and the nature of that order can be discovered.

Every thing else is up to the individual.

I must say very cute picture and thanks for the info..!

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