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March 13, 2008


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Noble savages is an oxymoron. To survive in the wild one must be savage. In an effort to make life less stressful, humans have tried to develop societies where one can live a more planned existance. Western Civilization and the USA in particular under our Constitution is one of the most successful. Wake up Liberals. Don't be afraid to see your human self. Reining in your aggressive selfish nature is not evil, but know that putting a cap on progress is the result of trying to stop progress in the name of perfect stifling of the human drive to succeed.

"...between the conservative (or tragic) view and the liberal (or perfectionist) view."

I find it interesting that the labels are either tragedy or perfectionism - there is never room for optimism or hope.

As noted, he has come around to a degree and maybe he'll eventually come around all the way. One hopes that when he does finally figure it out he will see that life can be good.

How draining it must be to live around people who are always looking at the world as a tragic horrible place... especially when they live so well in this country.

Mamet has begun weaning himself off the KoolAid. The next question that will come is -- as he is attacked by his "friends" for deciding he didn't like KoolAid, will he suffer a relapse or move forward into a total rejection of the KoolAid-addicted lifestyle?

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