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February 16, 2008


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If the people who think George Bush destroyed this country come to power I feel that the policies they will follow will put the country beyond saving.

If only the Supreme Court would enforce the Constitution and restrict the government to insuring domestic tranquility and providing for the common defense the lack of need for full time political spenders would make life a lot simpler.

"...Rove built an image for himself as the guy who got Bush elected twice. Sure -- and then they went forward to destroy this country.”

All I can say is... this is destruction? Compared to what?

Good lord!

As for Obama and Illinois. Even if there hadn't been the divorce problems for Ryan, the Republican party in that state is in such disarray, he would never have been elected. It's a wonder they can field ANY candidate - even the lame ones they have managed to put forward. *sigh*

Another fascinating offering from the Mighty SISU.

And yet, taking on the Clinton Machine and doing well, deserves some notice.

I imagine an articulate, youthful, energetic, positive Campaign of Mr. Obama will be as effective against the angry, bitter, aged, dishonest, Keating 5 Member of the Senate for 24 years.

Ironically, the McCain Campaign is suggesting they will 'USE' President GW Bush for fund raising, but will keep some distance in appearance.

Do they realize the Congressional Approval Rating is even lower?

And Senator McCain is a visual 'celebrity' symbol of the Washington Swamp for three decades?

Yes indeedy - fertilizer does make things grow.

Presenting the Obama Mushroom Farm! Just add manure and keep everyone in the dark...

For some reason, every time I hear Mr. Obama speak, I think of that story "The Emperor's New Clothes" and Gertrude Stein!

Anyone who has THAT effect on me can't be good!

Check this out - we are talking big money - BO just appointed an Arabist apologist to be his foreign policy adviser (those Muslim men know how to handle women).


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