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February 29, 2008


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Frustration. It isn't the pleasant side of life but unfortunately it is part of life.

*sigh* Oh my! I wonder when they did the "change over" if the system then became "case sensitive". In other words if the file was loaded as "boatpic.JPG", but the image link in the post was "boatpic.jpg" the new dynamic system just doesn't recognize the name as being the same. Many photo programs actually save the name using upper case .JPG instead of the lower case.

Microsoft (don't know about Macs) doesn't care about "case" in the name of files, many other systems do. So, anytime there is a change from one system to another, this can be an issue. You may want to check with one pic and see if this might be the case. In other words, if you only change the case of the file name to match what you have on your file (which should be the same as what was uploaded) then maybe you don't have to keep reloading pictures...

BTW - LOVE the pic of Tuck in his workshop - that is totally awesome. Good thing you didn't show it to us last time we were there, beloved husband would probably have kept Tuck down there all night talking about the tools and his outstanding model!!! LOL.

Teresa: You know (as Hillary is forever saying: GAK!) . . . I don't know, as far as what is really going on with TypePad, but I save all my image files with .jpg, yet only some -- a darned LOT of some -- disappeared. Some more even disappeared this afternoon as I was madly renaming and reuploading the offending files.

The "help" desk at TP is saying it has to do with being on their dynamic Beta platform (Who knew?). They can restore everything if I give them permission to go back on the static platform of yore.

Should I? Or should I stick with this darned thing, GW style and stand and fight?

Tuck -- and his spouse -- loved your comments re shipyard antics. You and Ken MUST come by soon for food and shop talk.

love the fine ship builder !

great photos...

sorry about the tech trouble.

the man must be stealing your photos for oil.

yes, it has to be about oil somehow.

a Rovian Conspiracy only Nancy Pelosi would truly understand.

by the way, wasn't it funny, to hear Nancy Pelosi claim the DOJ was playing 'politics' when it rejected the contempt charges of the partisan witch hunt of the Democrat Party?

reminds one, of when she said al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq, prior to the 2006 elections.

simply 'Clintonian'...

That would kill me; I don't keep the images I've uploaded on my hard drive. Maybe I should start, though.
Yours has become a cautionary tale. ;)

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