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February 28, 2008


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Can we hope that human nature being what it is that in the end we in our ignorance will chose the right leader as we have in the past?

And on C-SPAN, it's the Stupid Animals.

No one currently in politics could even begin to hold their own against WFB on either side of the aisle. Of course, that was the case back in the day also.

I heard some clips last night and it is so entirely different from the drek that passes for argument in today's world, you have to listen in simple wonder.

For that matter, I'm not sure today's voters could stand to listen to hours of campaign debate. We not only have lost the speaking skills, we've lost the listening skills too. I will confess I would find it more than a trifle painful to have to listen to McCain and Obama or Clinton, debate for more than oh... 5 minutes. *grin*

WFB was many things - banal was not one of them. He was brilliant, well read, utterly moral, completely true to conservatism as it existed by his lights and suffered fools with patience until they thoroughly shredded his nerves, at which point Buckley lowered the boom, generally in a very erudite and witty fashion.

One of my very favorite episodes of Buckleyana was when he was being forced to join the Union in order to continue to do Firing Line - and he made a HUGE stink about it when the ACLU refused to represent him. It was a matter of principle with him and their refusal offended him on a visceral level, to be sure. But in addition there was the puckish imp who delighted in the attempt to coerce the ACLU into defending a conservative - and embarrassing them and tweaking them unceasingly when they wouldn't.

On another note, however, Sissy he would have absolutely appreciated the surpassing beauty of Baby and Tiny! Your cats are truly magnificent and nearly (grin) as gorgeous as my Sam!

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