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February 21, 2008


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Once upon a time in the days of my youth people used to be proud to be thought to have integrity. Nyt, hardly any news that is fit to print.

Oh, that top picture of Tiny is so scrumptious! If I had a virtual spoon I'd take a virtual byte... ;)

Baby and Tiny brighten my day EVERY day. What beautiful darlings!

My Sam has a new girlfriend in addition to the beautiful tuxedo cat who comes by the back yard. Now there's a seal point Siamese strolling through my FRONT yard. As far as I'm concerned, this is a good thing. He needs to lose weight and this keeps him running from the front window to the back deck!

The NYT is rapidly becoming utterly irrelevant, not even fit to line the birdcage and much of the MSM is starting to follow - the L.A. Times is in trouble, and Pravda on the Potomac (Washington Post) isn't doing all that well either. And yet, NONE of them understand that they are losing readers because THEY are not doing their jobs well - NOT because people have stopped reading.

The only thing worth reading in any paper nowadays is the comics and you can follow your favorites online bypassing that and, generally, you can nab a free paper to line the birdcage with.

The kitty pics are worth looking at as they are scrumptious. As usual.

These are such sweetest expression~!!!!

Well, I find this to be just another reminder of how poor of a candidate John McCain actually is...

The NY Times endorsed him for a reason.

Liberals wanted McCain, not only because of his overt liberal embrace, but they believed he was easy to defeat.

A three decades old Beltway Insider, a Keating 5 Member, who had no problem slandering his opposition in Florida and at the Reagan Library.

As much as I have a crush on Ms. Ham, I see a few pundits losing credibility 'circling the wagons' for the lackluster candidate, who believes Hillary Clinton would make a good candidate.

Senator McCain couldn't even be honest about the reason why he voted against GW Bush's tax cuts, and is hardly believable now, defending himself against ugly NY Times dribble, even before the General Election begins.

It is all very embarrassing.

John McCain spent endless moments demeaning Sec. Rumsfeld for personal political gain in this Primary.

He knows exactly what 'ugly' politics is all about.

Perhaps this is why he has such 'respect' for Hillary Clinton.

Money comment on Lucianne today: Kinda cool that the first smear to hit a 71 year old candidate is a sex scandal. Geezers rule!

Great cat pix
Fanks for joining the Carnival of the Cats this week!
Mini and the rest of the Hotties

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