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February 14, 2008


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Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary! :)

Drat I'm about an hour late!!! A slightly belated Happy Anniversary to you and Tuck - you two win the Cutest Couple award then and now. *grin*

Thanks, Pam and Teresa. It really was a perfect celebration for a couple of old coots. :-)

The marriage, the participants and the 280SL all look great after 35 years. The cuisine has done nothing but improve.

How did I manage to miss this one?

Congratulations on 35 years together - an impressive milestone achieved by only a select few couples these days, alas.

We hit #30 late last spring, so we know whereof we speak...

...and was that a paisley tuxedo on Tuck, or just my eyes (and mind) playing tricks?

(Belated) Hearty congratulations - and thanks for the new sauce recipe. Must try it.

Happy Anniversary!

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