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February 06, 2008


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I agree, if John McCain laid out a cabinet anything remotely like that, I'd be happy to vote for him.

But I will bet you a year's salary that he won't. He's made it clear that his greatest joy in life comes from cutting the legs out from under Republicans of all stripes. If he proposes a cabinet it will include Lieberman, Gray Davis, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Hamilton Jordan.

And, of course, John Sununu, who last brought us David Souter and opposed the Patriot Act. And who's now McCain's chief judicial advisor.

I have struggled with McCain, like you. I can't say that I trust him, and I don't think I ever will - but realistically, I haven't trusted too many politicians anyway. Right now, McCain looks like he will be the alternate horse to the Billary/ Obambi stable. And when I look in there, I can't find the pony...

i like fred but he's meh at this point. would rather have romney for vice president even though he and mccain are the odd couple.

I cannot vote for McCain...

There is no chance.

Fred would be just another part of the Senate facade, as he helped produce that garbage we call Campaign Finance Reform.

Too many had some ugly bias against Mr. Romney's Religion and his success in the private sector.

I am just as disgusted with many on the right...

Having witnessed the most pathetic expression in regards to the fine Mr. Romney.

And John McCain led the way...

His own Mother even engaged in some ugly Mormon references...

McCain actually reminds me of 'Clinton-LIGHT' on the Republican Side.

His deceit regarding the Bush Tax Cuts, repeated smearing of Mr. Romney, 'respect' for Hillary Clinton after she demeaned General Petraeus?

Then there is Lindsey GRAHAM !

I would never vote for Obama or Hillary, but probably will just vote to boost the Republican Conservative Majority in Congress, without a vote for President.

The larger problem is, the GOP is going to suffer from a lack of funding and support, and many Conservatives will find the local races difficult without an inspiring Candidate on top of the ticket.

Liberals were cheering the defeat of Romney in Florida, and on Super T, for good reason.

The Beltway Insiders, all got in line to support McCain. (even Fox News had the most bizarre coverage for the past month).

The big point...

It is utter insanity, of running a life long Washington Insider with no vision, or sign of accomplishment.

* The polls suggest Americans are not happy with those in the Capital, yet they (led by many misguided efforts) are encouraging the same dysfunctional incompetence.

I believe in personal responsibility, and it seems we are destined to get what we deserve.

some Pundits are actually going to push a Senator of 24 Years, the old Keating 5 Member, who is peddling global warming taxation...

Romney represented far more than just a sound conservative.

He offered a proven CEO from outside the Washington Swamp.

The liberal McCain is just a part of the mess in Washington, and his voting against TAX REDUCTION is a vivid sign of the folly...

I honestly don't feel McCain has a vision to win the GWOT, as he is even unwilling to pour water over the face of terrorists to save American lives.

It is no wonder McCain did so poorly at the Academy long ago...

I think McCain would have a tough time defeating Hillary...

But, if McCain faces Obama, regardless of his running mate, look for a Democrat victory.

After all the derision thrown at the Liberals when Bush won the last election and they were all in a tizzy over it... you would think Conservatives would have learned something. (you know - along the lines of - he won by getting people to vote for him)

Apparently I over estimated the innate intelligence of Conservatives. Everyone seems to be having palpitations over McCain in exactly the same fashion that the libs have BDS over his last 2 elections. I'm shocked at the level of vitriol for a man who is winning by persuading voters to - wait for it - vote for him!!!... isn't that the way the system is supposed to work? Or is it only a good system when the guy you want manages to win?

I'm not a fan of McCain - I don't think any Senator makes a good President. Period. But the outcry of "I'm not going to vote for that guy" just shows how Conservatives are quite willing to wear the same hair shirt the Liberals use when they don't get their way.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. *sigh*

Strange love. Or maybe Slim Pickens?

As TH is wont to say, "I kill me!"

I think John McCain is a Democrat in Republican clothes. I don't really like him but..... I would vote for him before Obama or Chelsea's Mama

John McCain has served our country with courage (5+ years of captivity - a significant portion of which was as a prisoner in the infamous Hanoi Hilton) and true distinction - unlike the fraudulent John F. Kerry.

He has been a member of the Senate for a very long time and understands the workings of that august body.

And THAT is why I am so reluctant to vote for him. Those 5+ years have had their effect on him - whether apparent or not. Are we certain we know the many ways in which McCain's psyche was compromised? Certainly the man's virulent temper is the stuff of legend. And that is a quality in a President about which I have very mixed emotions.

Plus, McCain is a total insider. It's ludicrous that we are basically given a selection of the authors of the problem (Beltway insiders) in order to solve it! Nuts and then some.

Still, of the three (Clinton, Obama or McCain), McCain is the least offensive.

In order to have BETTER choices in the future, maybe we should spend the next 4 years doing everything in our power to defuse the explosive politics of personal destruction fueled to nuclear proportions by the Clintons since their arrival on the scene. I know of few people insane enough to run for public office these days!

Although he is lacking in experience, I wanted Fred Thompson to be President. Since that's out of the question, I think he would make a good VP because of his recent contributions dealing with health care, trade, Social Security, taxation, and International Security. While Fred works on these issues, McCain can give efforts into finalizing the war in Iraq while keeping an eye on Iran and hopefully prevent another war. McCain would also be able to spend time working on stopping illegal immigration (being from Arizona, McCain should have some ideal plans after having it in his back yard since the 80's). However, I could see Colin Powell being chosen for VP because he has dealt so much with the war in Iraq and I think we need someone with the knowledge to make sure we finalize it correctly. Lastly, I could see McCain making a surprising move and asking Ron Paul to be the VP because I think he may need the libertarian vote to be able to beat Obama or Clinton. Maybe this is not all what I wanted out of this year's Presidential Election; we definitely can't have an Obama or another Clinton in office.

As a devout Fred Head when Thompson was still in the race I absolutely love this idea the entire cabinet makes sense and would be perfect. The only problem is that Thompson's stance on immigration would collide heavily with McCain's. The VP is still up for grabs even with the Romney talks, I hope that McCain would only just remember his friendship with Fred.

That was a good read, Sissy.

Like a lot of Republicans, I have my deep concerns over a potential President John Sidney McCain III.

But just thinking of a potential President Barack H. Obama, even a second's worth, alleviates my doubts.

I'm not sure it'll be Fred Thompson, but let me say, the ticket needs an injection of youth. In Republican terms, that's Giuliani or Romney.

We shall see.


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