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February 05, 2008


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LOL - kitty cat mind games. He's trying to make you look. ;-) Darling daughter's one kitty walked out of her condo and into the neighbor's condo the other night. He decided he needed to investigate and was very unhappy with her for making him leave. *grin*

The cupcakes look lovely - although I'm not a fan of peanut butter outside of pb&j. And yes, small bite, gives a little good without piling on the bad. Yay! How's the Cold Turkey going? The pics all look good.

What is it with cats and sweets? Isn't the conventional wisdom that they prefer protein.

Not in our house. Toast with honey will bring them faster than baked scrod.

As always, thanks for my daily food and feline photo fix.

I am sure my co-workers will thank you Sissy. I've been pondering what to bring in next Thursday to honor Valentine's Day and now I know! Let's see, 4 for each of the car pool ladies - plus 1 for me of course - and that still leaves plenty for the 2 attorneys and my next door neighbor!

Now as to the Babe's behavior - I have always called it "Chasing Invisible Elves" and Sam usually indulges until he runs into a wall. Then he gives me that cat look: "I meant to do that you know!"

What would we do without our humorous angels?

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