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January 10, 2008


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Percy Bysshe
Would take a pysshe
In Lake Geneva's water.
Then, without fail,
Begin to nail
Good Mister Godwin's daughter.

To me the Babe looks as if he is mighty suspicious of what left the smell.

Thanks for telling people to relax. Fred has found his game. Watch out!

Fred is sort of my guilty pleasure. I really like his style, plain-spokenness and sensible attitudes. He has presidential bearing. But I don't know that he has much more "real" governing/management experience than Young Pup Obama, who is completely unqualified to be the prez. Is Fred really good enough to be prez, or are we as deluded as Obama's fervent supporters?

I am deluded, therefore I am?

RIP Frisky...

Regarding Senators who are wonderfully aged and cool?

Frist compiled an ACU rating of 89.3 percent, making Mr. Thompson "the liberal senator from the Volunteer state."

I am wary of Senators, they remain the lowest on my list...

Especially those who are such good friends with Mr. McCain, who helped give us the Campaign Finance Folly, and haven't promised to NOT raise taxation.

I would rather go with the impressive 2 North Eastern CEO's, proven to be able to manage.

* that is my humble take...

But it looks as if the liberals are going to push the Keating 5 Campaign Reformer upon the GOP.

I keep studying the effects of the high brow expression, vs. the low brow, and I find the bias against the 'square' rather tired.

Bill Gates vs. John Wayne?

Both have their positives...

But we need someone who is best for the job...

But I know we need to reform Social Security, Health Care, etc., and I see nothing in the records of the Senators that tells me they are able to aggressively go after problems (even fighting in the GWOT), especially with Free Market solutions.

Fred is a good Man, but his potential has limits in my opinion.

McCain will prove to be disastrous...

Great disappointment, Sissy. Like you, I was a Fred Thompson fan, and I put my money where my mouth was. I liked his reliance on principles and his understatement. Both were a refuge from the over the top, hyperventilating statist "experts". (or is that expert statists?) Alas, Fred has dropped out. Does that leave the Mitt-ster?

We could do worse than the Mittster. :-)

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