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January 31, 2008


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You have made a thoughtful analysis of Senator McCain. He obviously has not had the experience of conducting a free enterprise business. It would be a disaster if he tries to correct the normal trial and error of economic fluctuation by socialist ideas that government is able to do anything in an efficient manner. I think we will be best able to continue as the most desirable nation in which to live under the guidance of Romney rather than any of the other candidates.

McCain's biggest drawback in my book (and the problem with most of the other candidates) is that Senators - especially Senators with long service - don't make good Presidents. They are used to wheeling and dealing - not used to leading. They want to compromise to get some of what they want. That can be a fatal flaw in a President who needs to be a decisive leader.

It's very scary when, after all these years in Washington, passing legislation that impacts the economy, McCain claims to be a neophyte in this matter! What has he been doing all these years in Washington??? How does he even begin to feel qualified to vote on any monetary legislation when he states he's not quite sure how the economy works? *sigh*

So well stated Ms. Willis...

I agree with GOOMP as well.

John McCain's recent smears in Florida and at the Reagan Library, remind me of the ugly Clinton Deceit that I so intensely oppose.

I feel very badly for the fine Mr. Romney.

Seeing John McCain's snide demeaning, juvenile belittling, of an ethical American Success from the Free Market has been regretful.

Most likely, TWO very tired, aged, misguided Senators with little accomplishment, employing vivid deceit, having an overt liberal embrace, pushing global warming populism, endorsed by the NY Times, will be seeking the most important Office we have in Our Nation.

Two celebrity Washington Insiders of Mr. McCain's self described "failure".

Each are embarrassing Beltway Symbols, with no serious CEO Experience.

Both have unethical Skeletons hiding in the closet, including the Keating 5, Whitewater, TravelGate, etc...

Two Egotists favored by the MSM !

Neither are optimistic...

John McCain repeatedly stated we need to embrace failure, to be straight!

These 2 Senators are NOT positive, pleasant, charming, or even funny...

The polls suggest Americans are not happy with those in the Capital, yet they (led by many misguided efforts) are encouraging the same dysfunctional incompetence.

I believe in personal responsibility, and it seems we are destined to get what we deserve.

Senator McCain ?

Who said we "wasted" Our Bravest's Lives on late night television?

Senator Clinton ?

An infamous LIAR who wants to take things away from Americans?

What a fine comedy of errors...

I can only hope the GOP voters will wake up before it is too late.

I agree with your summary, an those of HNAV.

Sisu, I don't know much about you, but I love your writing. I was just getting ready to compose an article relating CS Lewis' "Robber Barons" quote to the need to limit government--especially our local government.

Anyway, I've read a couple of the posts--am wondering about the cat thing--but will be back to visit.

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