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January 26, 2008


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Maybe the good side of human nature can reign.


The aspect of it all, Mr. Obama has a sense of class.

Truly ironic, the Clinton camp, after being vicious, ugly, dishonest, sent in Billy Clinton, to help Hillary and he ended up driving voters away in mass from Ms. Rodham.

These slimes, the Clintons, are being seen again by the Nation for who they are, completely unethical and disgusting.

But Democrats may still vote for Hillary and Bill, and the machine is a huge factor.

On another note, I see Senator McCain has been slandering the record of your former Governor, and this is simply unacceptable.

You may find this interesting not only for the bit on Vermin Supreme (a fixture on the local performance artist set since I don't know when), but for something that Obama displayed which really struck the writer as pretty special and rare. It's making ME wonder if, identity politics aside, I'm going to be voting for Class over Experience.

Obama.. class??? Don't make me laugh. Obama is the least qualified person to be president ever-- well, perhaps Mr. Bush is. Obama can fool America with his charisma and his speeches trying to be sound like the new MLK or Kennedy, but I'd rather hear somebody talk about real things. If he is the nominee , I think I'll stay home cause McCain is awful too! Hillary Clinton is the only person that seems like she would actually accomplish something. I know it's fashionable not to like her and her campaign could have been better, but she clearly is the only one of these people worth a damn!

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