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January 03, 2008


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I think Brian Carney misses the real force behind the move to CFL light bulbs. While I have no doubt the manufacturers are pleased with the laws mandating their use, the real driving force is the "I want to feel important and noble" urges of enivonmental nutcakes whom lawmakers wish to accommodate.

If I am forced to walk into a salon and have my post-menopausal hair cut under fluorescent lighting again, things might get ugly.

I'm 65 damned years old - I do NOT need a nanny and I'm really tired of people thinking that I do.

All other considerations aside, I think these environmentally correct bulbs make women look as though they've been rode hard and put up wet and that's NOT a good thing. If you belong to a big box store like Sam's or Costco or the like, I highly recommend a trip to stock up on the "real thing" before they aren't available any longer!

I still say, there will be repercussions from this act, which will be very unpalatable. Legislating particular items like this will come back to haunt us.

Mark my words. There will either be problems with the CF bulbs themselves of which we are currently unaware or it will do economic damage, not easily be undone, that we are not expecting. Or both.

I'm not sure it's correct that the manufacturers are thrilled about this. Probably depends on the manufacturer. If you have tremendous expertise in making incandescents, the world probably looks very different than if you are the leader in CFL or LED technology.

Last February, GE announced that it is working on an incandescent bulb that is 2X more efficient than the standard bulb..not as good efficiency as CFLs/LEDs, but better color quality and less-weird appearance. I wonder if this technology will be a casualty of the new regulations.

The concern about compact fluorescent lights is valid for everyone to consider. There are several sites admonishing people to go through all kinds of protection when installing CFLs and in the event of breakage. Several people suffer from a form of flicker induced nausea. Last but not least is the manufacture of CFLs damages the environment far more than "the expert environmentalists" are willing to acknowledge.

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