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December 04, 2007


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Christmas cards... they're on my list of things to do. Decorating too - haven't gotten to that yet.

As usual you're on top of all these things. It must be the kitties helping to keep you and Tuck focused in. *grin*

Christmas card and gift are the things We have to do here as well~!!!
I hope your project is working very smooth, too.

You look very very beautiful~!

Maybe we should concentrate on seeing those things of hope and joy which the world enjoyed in the Christmas Season before the secularists forced their arrogant killjoy views upon Christmas.

When one is as handsome/beautiful as Tiny and Baby - one deserves to be immortalized on Christmas cards or - as is the case for me - as background on the office computers of their fans!

Here's what I'm doing - I'm going to finish unpacking my stuff before Christmas, hang a few lights and vacuum the entire house! I have 20 days in which to do it and that hardly seems enough time!

Oh yes, and I'm making appetizers for Christmas Day dinner when beloved sister Linda is preparing lasagna! She CLAIMS she's making a small batch - are you as skeptical as I am that she can pull off the "small" part?

Tiny, Baby and goomp are all proof that there is a Deity! A benevolent one at that.

Wonderful Holiday Spirit! Beautiful shots for Kris Kringle Cards!

Hope you all stay warm, safe and happy. Sending love and purrs.

Peace from our house to yours


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