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December 15, 2007


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At least we still have an occasional intellectual who dares question the party line.

Happy birthday, Sissy! And many happy returns.

A quiet dinner out... or even better, at home... is all I want out of a birthday party these days. :-)

Less than a half hour after these vessels dock (in our front yard) the wharf is alive w/ Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Boston Harbor Police, the Cub Scouts, et al.
A weather eye is very well kept. (All at substantial expense) -- "docking fees" -- to Eastern Salt.

Drat - I was online much earlier today and so I missed it! A Happy Belated Birthday to you sweet Sissy. I hope you had a lovely day.

As for staying in or going out... it's your day to do with as you will. Otherwise it wouldn't be much fun as a birthday now would it. *grin*

Fitful lightning on the horizon's edge

Thunder at midnight

But in the morning, the world is refreshed and renewed.

And drops of life giving water cling briefly to tropical flowers

Before rolling down to earth.

May the storms of times past

Give way to the blessings of the future.

Happy Birthday Sissy, one day late.

Becoming more and more yourself is the great reward of growing older. I look forward to more Sissy in the years to come

Congratulations on the upcoming Typepad spotlight, Loved your reflected in silver portrait, even if it was more gravitas than sunshine.

Staying home, inside and warm makes all the sense in the world when your very own nor'easter is headed your way. Glorious for a while anyway until the shoveling begins again for the 3rd time.
Good thing your boots came in time.

If Zeffirelli gets rid of the Prada shoes, maybe you can send the Pope something from LL Bean. Don't his cats need something new to play with?

Re your Turkish boat. I have many times thought 'If I was an intelligent terrorist I'd...' but I've never written about it. Don't want to give 'em ideas. They seem, by and large, to be a bit thick. And no, that does not mean I think we should relax.

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