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December 20, 2007


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Personally, considering the state of the nation after eight years of misdirection by the Clintons, I think President Bush has done a remarkably good job of setting the USA on the proper path to once again be "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

"Combine the depression/irrelevance with an absence of core values -- that mix makes him careless with the truth, which is dangerous for Hillary's campaign."

Then how in the world does he describe Mr. Clinton's rather loose hold on the "truth" while running for and in office for 8 years?

Good heavens, people who are "fans of Clinton" have very short term memories don't they. It's as if the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was written about them. Heh.

Those two are the potential ruination of all that is good about our beloved Republic. And those "politics of personal destruction" that she claims Republicans have indulged in? Does the name James Carville mean ANYTHING to ANYONE? He is the man who took the tone of political discourse to new lows - ON BEHALF OF Bill and Hill!

I pray for 3 things in 2008: The health and survival of both our beloved President and our nation, the utter and humiliating defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton - a defeat so profound that she is unable to rally from it EVER, and finally, a 20 year case of larygitis for Bill Clinton(and Jimmy Carter)! I am so SICK of that man's neediness and lack of acquaintance with reality. Bill - here's your legacy: corruption, moral degeneracy and utter and complete spinlessness while in office. You did it - now live with it!

I missed the mighty SISU.

Sorry to be away...

I love Ms. Miller's comments.

Great post Ms. Willis.

What amazes, people continue to give the Clintons money.

The Clintons are such a product of the partisans in the Media, who desperately wanted to win after the success of Reagan.

Imagine, the dishonest Mr. Clinton, was actually exploiting the very same Family, who kindly offered a cordial association out of professionalism.

But in this case, Bill was not only exploiting a decent Family, but was pitting a loving Father against a successful Son, in the public arena for political gain.

Even worse, Bill Clinton remains deluded enough to believe he has a superior relationship with the Father of someone else's Family, than the legitimate Son.

Only, Mr. William Jefferson couldn't involve President George Bush Sr. in his latest charade.

I'm always disheartened when I hear Democrats pontificating about how wonderful a Hillary presidency would be. What short memories they have.

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