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December 21, 2007


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As far as food and its preperation who can deny the genius of Sisu. As far as the human race is concerned human nature seems to self destruct. The love of freedom and the heights to which humans can rise as that freedom is pursued is the wonder of mankind. Then the ease of living under that freedom leads to discontent and destrucion of the freedom and its benefits.

"The regular incandescent bulb has worked fine since the 1880s, but Congress is dictating that it be phased out starting in 2012 in favor of compact fluorescents."

I'm taking bets now on exactly when we'll find out that CF's have issues we didn't even realize when this whole push began. I figure about 10 years after there are no incandescent bulbs we'll find that CF's are like transfats... they should work in theory to make us a better society, but in application - not so much.

We have numerous CF's here in the lights we use most often - but we also have some lights that don't lend themselves to this type of bulb. I don't know what we'll do in 2012... buy up major supplies and stockpile... *sigh*

We already know CFC's have issues, mercury. They have to be disposed of as hazardous substances, ie can't be thrown in the trash.

Unlike Sissy's cooking which looks delightfully yummy and gives this blog it's special flavor. Your photography is to die for.

hehehehe !

i have a feeling Mr. GW says, sure, i will let this light bulb thing go, as i am focused on the GWOT, etc...

he and the Republicans really clobbered the silly Democrats on the AMT, funding for the GWOT, and the budget.

i find that quite a few of the big wigs, representing the Conservative mindset, became so cynical after 2004, griping on the small and pushing hyperbole, ended up undermining the larger context of their own interests.

the criticism is valid, but no one is perfect, yet i am hoping for the big fish to be fried.

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