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December 02, 2007


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Oh goody - new shoes (or boots as the case may be) are always fun. I hope they fit and you love them.

And I am impressed - no musak!!! Holy cow! I want to call, just to be put on hold and not hear irritating, ear shattering, drek!

Happy adventures of blogging.

This shoes looks very useful and great~!

Sissy - Good to see you again this evening. I was just talking to "santa" about new boots. Now you've got me thinking...

You can't beat the price for the quality. LL Bean outlet stores are more cost saving than any inexpensive imitation at any big retail chain. And the sales ... You'd think you'd died and gone to shopping Nirvana.
Real People Reaslitic prices, No hassle return policy and replacement if something is defective after use, A great benefit credit card program. These folks are the epitomy of Yankee ingenuity, and I'm a Yankee.

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