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December 16, 2007


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Both the sing along version and the professional versions are wonderful. Being there in person for any performance adds that extra special something that you don't get by listening on CD or television (no matter how good the sound).

I saw the Messiah done many years ago (when I was in college) I haven't seen a live performance of it since then - so I think I need to plan on doing that next year. :-)

The Messiah is uplifting in most iterations - and I think Teresa has a good point. We all should try to see it live at least a few times in our lifetime.

However, like Sissy, I find it less and less enjoyable to go out.

Sissy, seriously - the exquisite Tiny and Baby don't LIKE each other? Of course, Sam doesn't like anybody at all except me, so there is precedent!

Went (under protest) to a Christmas Party yesterday some 70 miles away in Southern Maryland! Clearly a good friend to animate us to travel that far! Her cat decided to hiss at me. We (the cat and I) discussed the matter. She ended the afternoon on my lap.

Who wants to go out when you have a warm kitchen and two Fuzzy Youngsters to keep you company?

Ah! Symphony Hall, you have a way of bringing back memories. I can't imagine a sing along version. Regarding travel, curled up with cats is the way to be.

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