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November 19, 2007


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Yay on the Cold Turkey Diet going so well. *grin*

It's always excellent to hear about intelligent women who have sensible things to say. Sadly the MSM never really lets us know they exist (except for the WSJ - which seems to stand apart from its fellow newspapers). Now I just need time to read all the links.

Thank you for featuring this post on Angela Braly. Because of this, I have also done a post on her position on healthcare reform. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

And of course, in your fantasy world, Herself would actually deign to submit to a substantive, no-holds-barred interview? Not likely, my dear friend. But maybe whoever is the "other" nominee (i.e. Rudy or McCain) could be persuaded to bring in these folks as consultants to nail that witch's tookus to the wall?

A thought for which to be VERY thankful.

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