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November 24, 2007


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Wired for belief, and passionately so. That is the nature of the Human animal. Devout Catholics, born again Christians, secular environmentalists, take you pick, they are dedicated to their beliefs and wish neither to hear nor consider alternate views. The Muslims who believe in the duty to spread the word and restrictions of Islam by force are only following the Human compulsion to spread their passionate beliefs. Thos who fail to understand this passion are in grave danger of being unable to resist being overwhelmed.

Seems Hitchens, like Ann Coulter, knows how to say outrageous things that get lots of publicity/attention. He's a bore as far as I'm concerned. Islam holds no appeal. To go from Judeo/Christian culture to Islam, one would have to devolve big time into a more primitive/tribal group think. That would be impossible for most of us here, all else being equal.

Beautiful photos too.

As always, goomp is making perfect sense. The very existence of the sublime Baby (and Tiny) is PROOF to me of a divine hand in our world.

The estimable Sam had a delightful weekend. Four days of Mom being home almost all the time. And then there was yesterday's hilarity.

The leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner consisted of roughly 1-1/2 LARGE lobsters. So I decided to make lobster salad to have to supper each night. Except - I forgot to bring the shell cracker home from my sister's house (along with the leftovers). That is my explanation for why my hammer is now in the dishwasher! Despite the racket I made, Sam was thrilled because he got a little crumb (ONLY a crumb) of lobster each day and thus his days were MADE.

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