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November 13, 2007


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You call to attention to the great danger that faces Western civilization as a result of life's having been so easy in the West for the past sixty years that people have been able to forget both the history and the nature of mankind. To stop killers, one must kill the killers.

Once again you cover a subject so well I can only partake and have nothing to offer. ;)

I'd rather dip my foot into a puddle of Sissy posts than a sea of my own. Thanks for being there!

The problem with actors is that their entire world is all about "feeling" - rational thought might just cut into their ability to make a few million more dollars... so they don't worry about little things like facts. Only feelings are important. They've decided what makes them feel good - and the rest of us have to listen to them emoting it all over the place. Of course rational people would rather be waterboarded than listen to this garbage.

Surprisingly, I think the tide is turning. I wouldn't say this except for the link I saw at this post from Blackfive today!

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