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November 04, 2007


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Hear, hear. Defy easy categorization. As one who saw three of my nominations make it into their respective top 10s but was unable to break into the "Best of the Rest" category myself, I'll gladly say "Atta girl, Sissy!"

I'll nominate Sisu for best preparation of leftovers.

I nominated you for Best 501 - 1000, Sissy! I don't know what the silly judges were thinking when they left you out.

That's okay, you don't need an award to know that we love you.

Janette: You are a living doll. Thanks so much. :-)

Sorry - Baby & Tiny should have their own awards! As a matter of fact - they should have their own ecosystem. Kiss My Gumbo was in Best of the Rest - but I am so done blegging at this point. Sorry you were left out. It is a nominate yourself or fugetabout it stupidawardthingy that only matters if you win. I feel like the Susan Lucci of the weblog awards!

Aim high! Onwards and upwards (as you point out)! If it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger!

That means you are going to try again!

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