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November 30, 2007


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It is encouraging to see an understanding among some leaders that wining the support of the inhabitants of a country are essential to democratic rule vs dictatorship. However, they must also understand that they are not going to win over the facsist devotees, and they must be eliminated to the extent that those remaining choose surrender as their last best option.

Meanwhile that doddering old fool Jack Murtha actually let it slip: The surge is working!

Just call in the doggone Marines and let's get the job done!

I know Blackfive has posted on this (although I can't find the link and it was quite a while back) and young son was even talking about this when he was home on leave. If you can win over the locals they will help you get rid of the terrorists. If you tick the locals off, then you have to fight the terrorists AND protect yourself from the locals.

Of course it's very difficult to make nice to people who insist on finding insult in every action - actively LOOK for insult. *sigh*

But the military is trying very hard to help the locals and win them over to a better life... and have been doing this for quite a long time. Like everything else, the plan will fail on contact and then must be modified to make it work - they are in the modification phase.

This smells a lot like Vietnamization The winning of Hearts and Minds....Now that really worked out great...Where's Chesty Puller when you need him....

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