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October 10, 2007


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Thank you for introducing me to Phyllis and the Chesler Chronicles!

So much information, so little truth. There is so much to be studied and read that for most of us it is easier to take the word of some notable person whose beliefs coincide with our own than to check the research for ourselves. To trash the ideas of others who have done the research and come to different conclusions is the road to ignorance and finally costly and perhaps disastrous results.

Things that are considered health foods today, might have been considered pure poison just a few decades ago. Me, I'm putting my faith in the Cold Turkey Cookbook and that's my final word on this subject (but not on any others)!

While fresh is always better, the sad thing is that few people want to invest the time and effort to cook with fresh foods (if they even know how to cook). It's so much easier to throw something in the microwave and heat it rather than cooking. And people wonder why they feel awful and can't lose weight. *sigh*

Additives are good for preserving food - and have been instrumental in preventing millions from starving to death. But, when there is a choice (as we are so lucky to have in this country) just pass on the additives and put forth the effort to cook real food.

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