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October 12, 2007


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A "Peace Prize" that has been previously awarded to the likes of one of the worst terrorists of the 20th Century (Arafat) and that was shared by one of the most ineffectual and nasty Presidents in American history has NO MEANING in my mind.

And 20 years from now, when all of the theories propounded by Gore and his cohorts have been proven to be utterly false, will anyone remember? No - but Gore will still have the Oscar and the Peace Prize on his resume. That's just WRONG. Just a couple days ago a British court cited 9 serious errors in the film "An Inconvenient Truth". It may not even take 20 years for Gore's crusade to be revealed for the utterly fraudulent farce it is.

If there be an after life, I pity the spirit of Nobel. It is now a prize for idiots and charletons awarded by idiots.

As I blogged - the awarding of the "Peace" prize simply makes me giggle.

I didn't know that the peace prize was given for a science fiction movie.
(how about The Day The Earth Stood Still)
"Klatu Baracta Nikto"

Pieter Bruegel the Elder's The Parable of the Blind !

love that painting...

great post - enjoyed Ms. Miller's fine comments as well.

i will sell a peace prize for cheap, if anyone wants one.

The Nobel Peace Prize is separate of the real prizes (physics, chemistry, medicine, ...). The Peace Prize Committee is a ridiculous joke, and this award has surely sealed their irrelevancy.

Oh yeah:

Maybe the masses don't want to be agitated
Nobel committee lays another egg
The strange case of Al Gore

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