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October 04, 2007


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Okay Sissy. Here's the deal. 4-1/2 months from now I am going to be down at least as many pounds as you because starting Sunday I am on your eating program! Moving into the new house tomorrow, organizing the kitchen and the laundry tomorrow and Saturday, relaxing (and doing a spot of cooking on Sunday) and there you have it!

Can't wait for your coming visit to have the larded Saturday night supper. It is always delicious when you are here but this new formula sounds even more scrumptious

Oh My Goodness!!! What a wonderful sounding recipe. I never made the effort to make my own baked beans, but these sound delightful. I think I need to invest in a bean pot (only problem... cabinet space I must plan...) I'm hungry after reading that and I just finished dinner. *grin*

Now, take a bow ma'am!!! 34.5!!! You are amazing!!! (yes I think this comment deserves copious exclamation points. LOL). I'm soooo proud of you. And sooooo happy you're posting these lovely recipes.

Gayle: Dueling diets . . . It's a GOOD thing!

Goomp: My pleasure. :-)

Teresa: Why not make 'em in your new -- or even your old -- crock pot? As with crock pots themselves, there are zillions of recipes for cooking beans in a crock pot" at the end of a Google search. :-)

34lbs!! Wow!!! Congratulations, Sissy, that's wonderful!! :D


OKAY, now i have to go get something to eat.

swear i can smell the cooking.

Since all I can FIND as of today is the crock pot, beans it is!

Hi, Sissy. We met at Ida Rudolph's play in Chelsea and enjoyed both very much. I did not see an e-mail for you on the main page, so I tossed in this comment. Best wishes, Gordon.

Hi, Gordon. Thanks for stopping by. Email address is next to last item way down at the bottom of the right column. I can understand why you didn't find it. :-)

Try adding Linguica and Chourico (Fall River/New Bedford) area has this.

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