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October 24, 2007


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My cat Purrky was fascinated by the sound of the cat on the YouTube. He was looking all around for the cat.

HA! I love 'Wake Up Cat'! It gives me the warm fuzzies; I'll have to watch it another 17 times...

I love the sound of the meow and the purr, it has me giggling every time I watch it.

Oh, and you have to wonder how many people got it through email as opposed to you tube or the direct site.

Like Pam, I think I'll run off and watch it another 17 times or so... *grin*

This still makes us laugh. Originally my SnotFace child saw it many moons ago and we lost it, and it's still funny.

Thanks for sharing who gets the credit. I was wondering who the brains behind the reality was and his/her name.

Still laughing...

Oh and ummm, if it's confession time, SnotFace forces us to watch it at regular intervals daily and now has begun "mowing" and giggling. You would think for a 15 year old, well. Hahahaha... another two cents here. Sorry :)

thank you for finding the source! a lot of people can identify with this snoozer.

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