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October 22, 2007


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"Back in the MI-free days before 1920..."

While I will agree that natural fat is better for us than "man made" - I really have to hesitate over this claim by Dr. White.

He's talking of an era where medical care was just emerging - during the years of 1920 to 1956 there were tremendous medical strides increasing longevity. While he might not have "seen" heart attacks pre-1920, that does not mean they weren't happening... it means they weren't diagnosed!

Granted the percentage of people having heart attacks very likely rose with the change in diet. However, as I keep saying (over and over) correlation is not causation. The world is a complex place - there are so many variables in life - it's difficult to pinpoint 1 thing as being the culprit in any disease. If that were the case - anyone ingesting the substance would have heart disease of one kind or another.

Because I do agree with Dr. White - that corn oil in our diet has not been a good thing. You don't know how much it pains me to stick to my guns in this respect and not make claims as to which diseases it supposedly enhances... *grin* Especially as the "evidence" comes from a time when doctors had just figured out that washing their hands was a good idea. (I know the idea was published in 1867 or thereabouts... but it takes forever for medical people to change how they do things!)

As I've said many times in my newsletter and maintain, low cholesterol ''may'' be a much bigger danger than high cholesterol and the obsession over lower and lower numbers is only causing and/or worsening many diseases. If we keep up the statin drug abuse and even the anti-meat rhetoric, we're not only hurting everyday people but potentially killing those with diseases like MS who need that cholesterol-because cholesterol is an essential nutrient, not a poison and some need more than others. They find ''high'' cholesterol at the scene of the crime and blame it and that's all the real evidence they have. They take no clue from the fact that half the time ''high'' cholesterol isn't even present. Even its argument as a heart disease ''risk factor'' lacks much needed logic and Mary Enig isn't some yahoo with a crazy theory. There are MANY doctors and also researchers like myself that will stand by her 100%. Our obsession with ''good'' fats in the form of vegetable oils is damaging too. There's a lot more to this topic that if your average Joe were aware of, Lipitor would be almost unheard of and soybean oil wouldn't be all over America's salads. Also, if they keep lowering the cholesterol levels like they have been, they really will be able to pin heart disease on ''high'' cholesterol because every human being alive will have hypercholsterolemia. Gosh, if they set the bar at 150 for a maximum total 20 years from now, it'll be fairly epidemic!

I have my 2 lbs. of suet ready to make enough real, aged mincemeat for a ton of holiday pies.

In the wee hours this A M, I happened to watch Rosalind Russell as Sister Kenny the Australian who battled the medical profession for years before it acknowledged that she was correct about the way to treat polio victims to prevent paralysis. Doctors of course know a huge magnitude more about medicine than lay people, but like all of us they can be prejudiced in their beliefs. I will say this for Dr. White, when I knew him in 1934 he was a young doctor who was far ahead of his contempories in understanding the cause and prevention of heart problems.

Not to be picky (heh), but it's Procter & Gamble. Procter, with an "e."

But since they seem to be calling themselves "P&G" these days, it's a big fat Moot Point, eh?

I count on the kindness of pickers, Elisson. Correction made. :-)

I wonder what will people do with all that bad fats. Make candles? haha

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