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September 27, 2007


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You have increased my knowledge of the spider world tremendously, but even now that I know more about them I cannot develop a warm, fuzzy feeling for them.

I have to say I agree with goomp 100%. Spiders may spin their webs and have their fun... outside my house. heh.

Goomp and Teresa: I know what you mean. The "EEK, a mouse" response. I think part of my interest is the shock value. "-)

I'm with goomp!

Nothing of a "buggish" nature survives in my house anyway. Tim, my little athlete, hunts them down, catches them in midair, consumes them and then - far too often - comes trundling over to me for a kiss and praise!

Bug photography is your ur-theme. Politics is your sideline.

Ahh. Sissy, you make even a little Miss Muffet think kindlier of the industrious spider. I was bitten by a brown recluse when I was sixteen and it made me really sick. I lost tissue in my thigh and never felt comfortable wearing short shorts ever since. So the spider actually had the effect of making me think more about skin exposure, resulting in a modesty that has kept me in good stead.

wow !

such clarity...


perfect for the coming of Holloween.


Beautiful spider, beautiful photo.

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