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September 30, 2007


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And this surprises you, because?

I majored in journalism at The Ohio State University - 1960-1963 (first year elsewhere). None of the just plain garbage being spewed by these contemporary clowns was taught to me then. Quite the contrary.

Isn't Gayle just wonderful !

The irony is these liberal MSM partisans seem to be undermining the healthy free market system that has given them the best opportunity and quality of life imagined on this planet.

Millions travel to the Free West seeking a better life, and the Democrat Loyalists seem to be trying to tear it down.

It is really quite amazing.

How misguided can it be?

I am waiting for President Bush to give an inspired speech to the Congress in January which begins as follows, "Twenty-one score and twelve years ago an inspired and brave group of men and women brought forth on this continent a new Nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all citizens have equal rights under the law. We are now engaged in a great world war of civilizations testing whether this nation and other nations so conceived can continue to endure. We are met in our Nation's capital to determine if we have the courage and the will to honor those who have preceeded us and who gave their utmost measure of devotion that this nation might live. The President can take it from here.

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