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September 25, 2007


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You know, back when there was the huge push to get rid of lard in restaurants... there was no one to gainsay the highly slanted rhetoric. It was a "given" that anything other than butter and lard were 1000% better for you. Only a very few people were unswayed by the clamor.

Adele Davis (health food guru of the time) made a perfectly logical argument... just drive past a factory that makes margarine - the smell is overpoweringly rancid and horrible. How can something that smells so bad be "good" for you. Her idea - use butter, just use less of it... what a concept!

Then again there is little by way of logic when it comes to food.

I am willing to concede that Crisco is easier to handle than lard and perhaps butter, but control of calories is essential to not being obese. Trans fat in large quantities may be more harmful than lard and butter. However, I have survived 88 years eating moderate amounts of all three. Be a pig and one gets obese. Eat rationally, and fats are not deadly poison.

Crisco is also hydrogenated, but I use margarine and prefer it to butter, actually. Butter to me has no flavor. If making biscuits or pie crust, I much prefer to use Crisco rather than lard which I grew up on. Animal fat did not kill people way back when because they worked hard and kept their arteries open, and that is the only reason.

I prefer cooking with lard. Once I got over the stigma, it's been great!

I swear by it for my award-winning Chelsea Baked Beans as well as pie crust.

Do you make your own?

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