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September 06, 2007


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Indeed must we be thankful that the MSM contains a few reasoning minds such as Mr. Keller's and the staunch behind-the-lines bloggers of the Bluest of the Blue States. Unless the Fascist Liberals take control by force there is every reason to hope that PC will sicken and die.

Sissy, you have an absolute GENIUS for instigating thought and hunger simultaneously!

Thanks. Unfortunately for me - it's an hour until LUNCHTIME!

My wonderful and very astute husband claims that the only thing saving Massachusetts is the fact that not a single born and bred New Englander wants to spend their own money on anything. *grin* All of the lofty ideas... they love 'em - but they refuse to pay for them. This puts the brakes on unrestrained liberal romping through the state.

* Outstanding post from the mighty SISU !

"castrate" banners ?

oh my...

Liberal denial empowered by the folly of socialist waste builds dependency, lowers the quality of life, kills incentive, cements economic classes, grows unemployment, slows growth, diminishes excellence, limits freedom, etc., etc...

Europe gave it all a big try, and it is a disaster.

Often, what a child wants, can be bad for it's health.

Nothing worthwhile is easy, and willfully placing your existence in someone else's hands can be dangerous.

Hopefully, someday the Democrat Party will grow up, but they don't seem capable of it right now.

That sandwich looks so good.... beautiful photo.

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