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September 03, 2007


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Personally I see no point in such severe restrictions. If I'm hungry all the time, I get cranky... I don't feel better.

Which makes me think he was eating things that were simply bad for him before, with the new diet he doesn't. Pretty simple. Find out what it is that doesn't agree with your digestion - and STOP eating it. What a concept.

Okay - so I'm cranky today because my office is still messed up from the great closet cleaning. LOL. But, while concern about a proper diet is one thing - the CR people go WAY overboard in their quest for lower and lower calorie amounts. In which case, they may live forever - but who the heck cares if you live miserably? heh.

Okay - to a point I kind of "get" the whole CR thing - but only to a point.

My big thing (prior to moving from Ohio to Virginia) was skipping dinner entirely. So I was always slightly "peckish" when I went to bed - not hungry just a low key kind of craving which I ignored. BUT, I slept more restfully AND I was losing tons of weight doing that. Now I'm gaining it back and I'm not a happy girl. I have a roommate who INSISTS that I eat dinner every night. And yes, I'm moving into my own place within the next 6 weeks or so! At that point, it's the Cold Turkey Diet adapted to my lifestyle. I'm a big breakfast girl and I like a good lunch with lots of vegies involved - preferably lightly steamed or raw vegies. So I will be eating that luscious open faced sandwich for breakfast, Sissy, and probably having some of that fabulous broccoli soup alongside!

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