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September 05, 2007


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Nothing beats low cal innovative recipes by Sisu.

*sigh* I used to love to eat Jiffy mix corn bread... no additions to the mix, just the corn bread with the edges browned.

For that matter, when we were kids, my mom used to make it and (back then we had left overs!) she would take the left overs, skim a little butter on both sides and use a skillet to reheat them... it was a fabulous treat with jelly. *grin*

Then when I had to drop additives - I had to drop Jiffy. It has additives for shelf life. I've meant to go looking for a recipe approaching theirs, but then I forget... I think I'll google around now. LOL. Thanks for the reminder.

Lovely! All I have to do now is print this page out and add it to my Sissy Cookbook.

Just kidding! LOL! The cornbread is totally doable, though. :D

Pam: I love your hints about my publishing a real, paper-and-ink cookbook, and it could happen, BUT . . . Nowadays I almost never consult snail cookbooks, instead heading to the internet to google whatever I'm looking for, including my own recipes on sisu. What I might do is set up a page under my "Cold Turkey Cookbook" category that would list and link all recipes by category. Hmmm. 'Sounds like a plan. :-)

And how soon may we expect that page be set up? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm moving back into my OWN digs in about 5-1/2 weeks and will look forward to doing Cold Turkey Cookbook recipes for mine own self, thank you very much!

See? I'm not the only one! ;)

I still -maybe because I'm not good at cooking- but I do consult my cookbooks all the time. I have 5 or 6, along with many copies of Cooks Illustrated...

I just think your photography, verbiage and style are perfect for a cookbook. And I just googled cold turkey diet and there is no such animal. YOU are #4 on the search for that term. YOU have started the Cold Turkey Diet. I love it. :D

Okay, I promise from here on out that I will stop pushing. Enough is enough. And thanks for thinking about organizing the recipes so they'll be easier to find.

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