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September 20, 2007


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Very interesting, Sissy! I happen to like that Kunz piece for the New Yorker - I think it's fascinating and beautifully done. But yeah, now that you mention it, I'd love to see that ethereal and serene all in white pic of Hillary. Why is this stuff so elusive?

Anchoress: I agree re the illustration. It would be well worth a blog post unto itself. As to why Hillary's footprint is so elusive, one can't help but suspect Clinton goons working behind the scenes. :-)

I think it would be fun to see Anita's original art that was not used. That would be very interesting.

Excellent analysis Sissy.

a wonderful post...
inspiring memories to be remembered.

could i suggest the wonderful Anchoress might be mistaken about the 'complex' nature of Ms. Clinton.

this is someone who made an ugly ethnic joke relating gas station owners to Gandhi.

there are many moments in the ugly Clinton history that suggest Ms. Rodham is far from complex.

'it takes a village' to hide one's simplistic nature, and those who push communism are often simple idealistic fools.

her failure to vote to rebuke the MoveOn.Org ad demeaning of a Brave American General might be another entry for the 'simply pathetic' book of Clinton regrets.

I blog as "Semper-Fido" and I just wanted to make a note that the "Saint Hillary" article is not an excerpt, but is printed in its entirety. It is an excerpt from Mr. Kelly's book, "Thing is Worth Fighting For". As far as I know: http://semper-fido.blogspot.com/2007/08/saint-hillary-excerpted-from-things.html is the only place to find the article. Has been obliterated from all of the rest of cyberspace, go figure... can anyone say "Clinton" and "behind the scenes power". Thank you for making note of how to find the article.

Thanks for the correction, Winnie, and thanks for publishing "Saint Hillary" online. I have incorporated your comments into an update above.

I seem to remember hearing Miss Hillary say something awhile back to the effect that we must censor the internet. Doesn't she wish. :-)

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