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September 23, 2007


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Sissy, a battered copy of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook (early 20th century reprint of the 1896 original) is a treasured possession and a frequent source of recipes and ideas. Mrs. Farmer was an American original and a complete genius.

If you have Fannie Farmer and Julia Child in your corner ("Mastering The Art of French Cooking" is the other must-have cookbook IMO) you can do anything in a kitchen.


Such wonderful photos.

After a Sunday of watching Hillary lie on a number of TV programs, and some fine American Football...

On a day listening to a nutty Despot from Iran placate Liberal Partisans in NYC...

It is such a pleasure to visit the mighty SISU to provide some reality, joy, warmth.

I think already a few commentators have missed the point of Columbia's 'tough' introduction of Iran's fool of a President.

They simply were forced to treat the Iranian Despot firmly, because so many are outraged that they invited this monster.

Bollinger had to save face, and appear to not be enabling this fool.

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