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September 17, 2007


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All of which shows that there may still be hope. Liberals are not necessarily stupid, but many of them who aren't have not yet received the jolt that makes them stop and think clearly. Here's to more like Roger L. Simon.

Goomp is so doggone smart! I know lots of former liberals who are conservative Republicans these days. They almost always say that they didn't leave the Democratic Party - it left them!

It is a story I have heard time and again. Many people just assume that compassion is defined by how much you give away.

I think true compassion is defined by how much you no longer need to give away.

Too many people assume that doing something that makes them feel good about themselves must be moral and right when really it is the height of selfishness.

The notion of "feeling good about oneself" is what got Deval Patrick elected guv'nah here. He is a feel-good guy, touchy-feely, Mr. "I hear you." We didn't love the September 11th hijackers enough, did we, Guv'nah? And the people who voted for him got to feel good about themselves for voting for him. My, weren't they evolved and progressive? Next step: 42-billion-dollar state budget, all-time record, and three casinos - easy money! Hundreds of millions of dollars! Don't worry, we'll make those greedy developers pay a tax to support Gamblers Anonymous! Problem solved. Deval Patrick is the very embodiment of liberal idiocy. He is manifesting exactly what you speak of here.

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