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August 23, 2007


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Bad business practice here in the USA without a doubt. However, a little history of lead paint may be of interest. Prior to the 1950's all the most protective exterior paints contained lead because its poison killed the bacteria that promote deteriortion and decay. Use of this paint containing lead caused an occasional death due to accidental absorbtion by humans and domestic animals as well as the death of destructive bacteria. Here in the USA it was decided to outlaw the use of lead in paint. One result was an occasional death thru the collapse of stuctures rotting and rusting due to the use of paint which did not prevent the growth of such bacteria. All the world did not follow the USA in banning the use of lead in paint. Hence Chinese goods with paint containing lead. This said, it does not make sense to have lead paint used in goods that do not require protection from the elements.

Hey Goomp, thanks for the info on lead based paint. I figured there was a reason for its use, but never looked into it at all.

I wonder how long it will take China to recover from all these problems. Americans do tend to have a short memory for transgressions... so maybe not long once it's not headline news anymore.

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