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August 07, 2007


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Those of the left are anything but liberal. Calling themselves liberals is just another lie in the style that Pacepa describes. The left wants only to control others and will gladly support a dictatorship that says it will control in the fashion that the left believes in. Unfortunately for the left, once in power dictators rule in their own fashion and not some false leftist dream. Wake up America! Do not be led to slavery by leftist dreams.

Shellfish McToast !

such amazing photos in the last several posts.

i cannot seem to open the comments on a few, but that caterpillar is incredible.

best wishes.

The General is saying our junior Senator is the most famous Communist mouthpiece we've ever had. Thus he should hold a place in our hearts right along side Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw-Haw. Good going Mr. Kerry - such esteemed company you keep!

I find it impossible to believe that Americans' disapproval of the war in Vietnam and its White House proponents was a direct result of Soviet propaganda, simply because Lt. Gen. Pacepa says so. But that's, at least, plausible - his insinuation that Americans are somehow locked in the grip of Al Qaeda/Islamist propaganda is simply laughable.

To ask us to believe, though, that America's image abroad "is directly proportional to America's own respect for its president" is simply absurd. It's contradicted by his later supposition that foreign propaganda is effective. That's a feedback loop, where Americans affect world opinion, which in turn affects American opinion, which in turn affects world opinion...

Gen. Pacepa's credibility is tempered by three rather telling admissions in his feature.

First is the surprising stance he takes, as an expat Hungarian during the Communist era, that public dissent is poisonous in a free society. You'd think someone like him would have cultivated a healthy skepticism of power during those years.

Second, in a piece about the danger of foreign-made propaganda, is the baffling decision to incorporate the words of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi into his argument.

Last, and perhaps most telling of all, is the assertion "that the leader of the Free World granted me my freedom". Your freedom, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, is endowed by your creator, Lt. Gen. Pacepa, and inalienable. No leader may grant such a thing.

Scott, honey, it isn't just the word of Gen. Pacepa. Check out my own post of over a year a go, "Chomsky, Moore, Fisk: Pathetic memebots running the program of a dead tyrant" for starters.

Then take a gander at Eric S. Raymond's checklist of "some">http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=260">some of the most important of the Soviet Union’s memetic weapons."

As Raymond points out, "Indeed, the index of Soviet success is that most of us no longer think of these memes as Communist propaganda." Thanks for dropping by.

I have been eating tuna salad on sourdough or whole wheat bread for breakfast for years! Couple slices of tomato, some pickles (I'm a pickle addict). We're talking good grub! I'm not one for sweet stuff early in the day. And I'm not one for having anything other than a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast with some really good jam for dinner. My eating schedule is upside down BUT since I've been doing this, I have gradually begun to lose some of the pudge!

And I'd nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton as the most famous Communist mouthpiece ever!

Let's be very clear on this - I was in high school in the mid-50s and remember the Hungarian refugees and the stories they told us at lunchtime. I also remember the various kinds of "dissent" that went on during the Vietnam years and it was vicious, unreasoning and utterly lacking in any due regard to the welfare of our own country. In both cases, there was overwhelming indication of outside influences and there was nothing benign about the Russian treatment of the Hungarian patriots (and I took that very seriously since I AM Hungarian), nor was there anything benign about the behavior of 99% of the anti-war goons in the 60s and early 70s. Just as one example - there was a significant contingent of anti-war dissidents planning to crash the Republican Convention in Miami and set up significant barriers to access the convention center. The theory was that rich Republicans would have to walk too far in blazing heaat to the convention, have heart attacks and die. That is not dissent, that is criminal thuggishness! They were most solicitous of their own civil rights (the right to assemble and make an ass of themselves) without a concommittant dedication to the rights to life and assembly of those convention delegates!

Goons is all they were and they were goons being driven by outside agitation as could easily be evidenced by the emptiness in the eyes that heralded a similar emptiness in the brain cells!

It's in the Focus tonight, Sissie.

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